"DEEPER TO GO HIGHER"

                                                  AN EMERGING WISDOM INSPIRING A NEW GENERATION OF LEADERS



In this era of unprecedented change and urgency, the world has reached a tipping point for humanity, and calls for new thinking, expanded perspective, and deeper understanding. The political, environmental, religious, and economic situation offers us the opportunity of our lifetime to fully realize our leadership potential so we can make profound changes in the way we live and lead... Consciousness is the new technology to accelerate global healing and groundbreaking innovation to inspire a new generation of spiritual unity, social conscience and sustainable living... 


Conscious Capitalism with a Conscience

Explore your leadership potential so you can make profound changes in the way you live and lead... Jay offers an entirely new approach to the exciting possibilities of leadership, incorporating the groundbreaking Evolve to Love Teachings, that combine emerging and timeless wisdom with everyday practicality to apply these principles into our lives.

The Emerging Modern Day Leader

L = LOVE. The universal language, the core of all relationships, and the essence of all life.

E= EXPANSION. To consciously lead and evolve, we must know what we are evolving to...
A = ALIGNMENT. Leading in alignment with the purpose of life, our divine nature and souls mission.
D = DEEPER. The height of our success in direct proportion to the depth and strength of our foundation.
E = ENLIGHTEN. To make that profound shift from Legacy to Enlightenment.
R = RESPONSIBILITY. Our ability to respond to life as the spark that ignites the light within and in others.
S = SERVICE. Conscious Capitalism with a Conscience, as we are inspired to serve the highest good.

Insight and Inspiration

Access higher consciousness to be inspired from within with urgency, clarity and sense of purpose.
Harness the power of insight, imagination and creativity.
Listen, learn and lead with innovative SOULutions.
The ability to respond to all situations from higher levels of spirit.
A leader focused only on external goals (money, victory, power) will struggle... Only those who lead in alignment with the purpose of life, our divine nature and our soul's mission will feel divine inspiration and fulfillment.


Jay D. Allen


The purpose of life is the universal language that connects us all... So if we are serious about healing the planet and experiencing a world beyond war, dis-ease, pollution, and discrimination, what could possibly be more important than a deeper understanding of the spiritual meaningpurpose and the perfection of life that connectsunites and transcends us all,  world religions and science? The time is now humanity...


 "I wrote the book that I was both living and dying to read when given fifteen months to live... A spiritual SOULution to healing at the deepest causal level through a profound new understanding of the purpose and perfection of life - WHO we truly are, WHY we are here, and HOW life works... To discover that everything we need, we already have... We must simply learn how to use what has already been created within..."



What will you experience?

What will you say?

“WOW... By far the best I have ever heard. Jay is one of the few... He believes and acts with integrity, passion and a commitment to improving the world. He lights a fire and passes the torch! For me, he has been like a lighthouse, bringing light, understanding,  forgiving, reconciliation, and peace into my life, and most of all, great joy.”

- Andrew Mackenzie, Investors Group

"Great Effort! Great Results! The positive buzz continues as people keep talking about how awesome your presentation was... We posted a link to the webcast already, which is creating more buzz... Great job! How to find inner balance and peace? The journey to the depths of our soul is not easy and the time we live in is very complex. This is why it is so important not to lose oneself and to stay close to one's heart."

- Kristine Zapata, Amgen




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Imagine a World we feel Safe, Inspired and Connected... Living in Alignment with the Purpose of Life, Our Divine Nature, and Souls Mission....